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FAQ Section

Security and Financial

Q How long have you been in the Soccer Travel Business?

Action Youth pioneered the specialist Soccer Travel business for North American groups in 1977 – over 30 years ago. In joining with Legacy we have become market leaders in this niche form of travel.

Q Can we get refunds if individual group members cancel?

Most cancellations can be covered by name changes – however if a replacement cannot be found deposits are non-refundable. You can also purchase insurance policies which allow you to cancel for "any reason" so investigate one of these. All details are clearly outlined in your groups Tour Proposal which we will send your group leader, be sure to obtain a copy.

Q Can we insure against the need to cancel our trip?

Yes, our clients are offered a customised and comprehensive Insurance Policy, offering great value-for-money. Please ask for details.

Q Can you help us with Fund-Raising for our Trip?

Yes, our very successful "Online Fundraiser" can help you raise up to $3,000 per person via donations with a raffle prizes. There are no costs or commissions, you keep 100% of income. Click onto "Free Fund-Raiser" at the top of this page.

Travel Queries

Q Are family members & supporters welcome to join our group?

Yes, all family members, friends and supporters are welcome and, furthermore, will enjoy a special program of Sightseeing, Shopping & Cultural activities in addition to the soccer.

Q How does Group Size affect our Tour Costs?

Larger groups definitely save money and benefit from the economies of scale. So, consider bringing two or more teams, and encourage family members to come along, as you will all save money by creating a larger cost-effective group.

Q Can we add extra people to our group later?

We will always hold a few extra places as long as we can, typically up to 2 months or so before departure. Even after this date, we can often add extra people.

Q Can I use my Air Miles to book my own flights?

Air Miles are an increasingly common thing and, yes, we do allow you to use your Air Miles and book your own flights, by deducting the flight element from the Tour Costs. The secret is to try to get yourself booked on the same flights as the group, or with similar timings at least … but this depends on individual Air Miles schemes.

Q Can we fly from our own local airport?

Flights to Europe typically depart from the major international gateways, and these usually offer the best prices. However, we can always give a quote from your own regional airport, with a connecting flight to the international gateway.

Q What is the weather like and what clothes will we need?

We have a complete section of our website on Pre Travel Tips once your group is booked you can log in to access all this information. This will give full details of typical weather in every major city, enabling you to plan your trip's wardrobe and clothing needs! See also the "Packing List" in Pre Travel Tips too.

Q Can we pay by credit card?

Yes, we do accept credit cards – ask for more details on how to do this. Payments can also be made by check or wire transfer, details on how to make payments will be supplied at your time of booking.

Q Can I up-grade to superior accommodations if I wish?

Absolutely! Especially when the players are staying in university or school accommodations, at a tournament for example, then we always offer up-graded accommodations for adults who wish to stay in hotels, at an extra cost of course. You can also up-grade to a single room, if you wish, but remember that single rooms cost more than if you share with someone else.

Q Do we really need a full-time Tour Director?

One of the very special features of a Legacy Tour is that we include a fulltime Tour Director throughout the tour. This expert is a specialist in ensuring that the trip is trouble-free and foresees potential hazards before they arise. Very few Americans speak a foreign language, for example, and this can be a real test when you are visiting France, Spain or Italy … even simple things like making a phone call become a major adventure. Also, our Tour Directors are often Teachers or Soccer Coaches, who can offer very specialist services to Youth Groups.

Soccer Questions

Q What are the international rules on substitutions?

This varies from country to country, but the American system of "Free Substitution" (unlimited) is not normal in foreign countries. You should expect to have a limit on the number of substitutions you can make in each game (normally 5) in a Tournament. Also, players who are substituted off cannot normally return to the field. In Friendship Games, however, are totally flexible and unlimited substitution is perfectly OK.

Q Are European Age-Groups defined in the same way as ours?

Some countries use January 1st and only tournaments in England use August 1st to define their tournament age-groups. So, this can be an important factor in your selection of an international Tournament. We define these age-groups very specifically for all of our Selected Tournaments – please click onto "Tournaments" in the top nagivation bar, to see the age groups for each tournament.

Q Can we receive Pro Coaching Clinics for our players?

Yes, very much so! We regularly include pre-tournament Coaching Clinics with highly qualified European Pro Coaches, and also set up Friendship Tours in the same way.

Q Do you provide soccer balls and equipment?

It is normal for soccer groups to bring their own Soccer Balls, Bibs/Pinnies, Uniforms, Cones and Medical Kits. To avoid the carriage of heavy equipment bags, the best solution is to make each player responsible for a ball (deflated to fit into the bag), inflator & needle, water bottle (preferably insulated) and personal uniforms. We can provide some equipment if need be.

Q What about the level of competition we can expect?

Many American teams travel to foreign countries and participate in mis-matched soccer games, either losing or winning heavily … both scenarios are equally bad! The key part of our special expertise is to carefully match your opponents with your own standard of play, especially in Friendship Games. In tournaments, it is more "pot luck", but we will certainly advise which tournaments are most suitable for your own team's playing abilities.

Notre Dame - paris

Girls outside Notre Dame

Venice - Italy

Venice - Italy

Rural Ireland

Rural Ireland

Barcelona - Spain

Barcelona - Spain

Donosti Cup Winners

Donosti Cup Winners

roma cup

Roma Cup, Italy

March 27 / April 2, 2018

Haarlem Cup

Haarlem Easter Cup, Holland

March 30 / April 1, 2018

San Marino Cup

San Marino Cup & Venice, Italy

July 7 / 15, 2018

Iber Cup

Iber Cup, Portugal

July 3 / 7, 2018


Costa Daurada Cup, Spain

June 26 / 30, 2018

Danosti Cup

The Donosti Cup, Spain

July 1 / 7, 2018

Sur Cup, Spain

June 25 / July 1, 2018

Cup No1

Cup No1 & Gothia Cup

July 8 / 22, 2018

Gothia Cup

Gothia Cup, Sweden

July 15 / 21, 2018


Gothia & Dana Cups

July 15 / 29, 2018

Galway Cup

Macron Galway Cup, Ireland

Aug 7 / 10, 2018

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